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Hormone Therapy

BIOTE Hormone Therapy

Biote is bioidentical hormone replacement therapy (BHRT) that delivers a customized dose of biologically identical hormones through subcutaneous pellets. The pellets are plant-based and match human hormones, unlike synthetic hormones which are engineered.

Knee Pain Relief

Knee and Joint Therapy

As we age, most of us experience joint pain. You may even experience damaged or degraded cartilage. Often, when these issues arise, surgery or other risky procedures are suggested. Now, there’s a safer alternative! It's usually covered by insurance, too!

Regenerative Medicine

Sexual Wellness

Relationships suffer everyday due to intimacy issues. Let us help you give your relationship the attention it needs. This is a cutting-edge technology to help you have a confident response in the bedroom. The procedure is painless and non-surgical.

IV Infusions Offered at Suncoast Integrated Medical Center

IV Infusions

Our IV Infusions offer a safe and quick boost of fluids in a controlled method. We are able to administer the vitamins that your body needs directly into your bloodstream.

Iovera Treatment

The iovera° treatment uses the body’s natural response to cold to treat nerves and immediately reduce pain–without the use of drugs. Treated nerves are stopped from sending pain signals for a period of time, followed by a restoration of function.


Stem cells are the body’s raw materials – cells from which all other cells with specialized functions are created. Stem cells have the ability to differentiate into multiple kinds of cells (a muscle cell, a red blood cell or any other).

Diabetes Treatment

Restore, Repair, and Regenerate. Finally, a groundbreaking drug-free approach designed to address the primary cause of metabolic disorders instead of only suppressing symptoms.

Five Essential Truths About Body Hormones Media Image

Five Essential Truths About Body Hormones

As chemical messengers that flow through the blood and body, there are 5 things that hormones directly impact: development, the brain, the immune system, the way your body repairs itself, and the way your body ages.

Youthful Transformation Media Image

Youthful Transformation

The Youthful Blueprint analyzes and treats all 6 pillars of youth: Beauty, Metabolism, Hormones, Anti-aging, Sexuality and Sleep. By digging deep into the blueprint, we are able to see what’s working and what isn’t so you can get back to feeling young and healthy again.

Why Most Weight Loss Programs Don’t Work Media Image

Why Most Weight Loss Programs Don’t Work

The problem with most commercialized weight loss programs is that they don’t increase your metabolism which in the long run prevents you from long-standing weight loss. They can also cause you to lose muscle which is not good for you.

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