IV Infusions at Suncoast Integrated Medical Center

At Suncoast Integrated Medical Center we provide IV Infusions to deliver vitamins, amino acids, minerals and other vital nutrients into your bloodstream quickly without taxing your digestive system.

Types of IV Infusions

Myers Mocktail Bag - IV Infusions


Benefits: Stronger Immunity, Improved blood and circulation health, Sharper mood, better sleep, Boosted energy levels and Enhanced mood and vitality.

H2O2 Bag Suncoast Integrated Medical Center


Benefits: Boosts immune system, breaks down plaque deposits, increases oxygen in tissues, removes biological waste and toxins, and prevents viral, bacterial, fungal and parasitic infections.
Suncoast Integrated Medical Center Bag Gluthathione - IV Infusions


Benefits: Reduces inflammation, improves immune function and help to fight disease, helps the body break down and purge fat, promotes high energy and mental clarity and improves quality of sleep
Suncoast Regen - Chelation Bag


Benefits: Removes metals built up in the body, improves liver and kidney function, increases blood flow to the brain and rejuvenates the heart and blood vessels. 
Suncoast Integrated Medical CenterMAC Bag


Benefits: Improve visual acuity and clarity, help to prevent cataracts, help to improve degenerative disease or the retina.
Suncoast Integrated Medical Center High Dose Bag


Benefits: Boots immune system, boost energy to fight cancer when alternating with Ozone therapy, Good for weight loss and helps burn fat.
Suncoast Integrated Medical Center Ozone Bag


Benefits: Treats immune disorders, breathing disorders, diabetes and kills bacteria and viruses.
Suncoast Integrated Medical Center Plaquex Bag


Benefits: Helps to clear plaque deposits and improve the function of all organs, reduces the need for blood thinners, can reduce angina attacks, enhance sexual potency and improve kidney function and memory.
Suncoast Integrated Medical Center Hydration Bag


Benefits: Immunity boosts, flushes toxins from your system, improves cognitive function, reduces recovery time.
Suncoast Integrated Medical Center NAD Bag


Benefits: Reduces stress, depression, and anxiety. Improves post COVID symptoms, increases energy, reduces signs of aging, Restores muscle function and athletic performance and improves mental clarity, alertness, concentration and memory.

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