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Weight Loss Programs

In a time where almost 68% of adult Americans are considered overweight, Dr. George Moricz knew there had to be a better solution than commercialized weight loss programs.

The problem with these commercialized Weight loss programs today is that they don’t increase your metabolism in any way. That means, in the long run, you won’t have long-standing weight loss, and you may even lose muscle mass.

What many of these weight loss programs don’t understand is how hormones play a role in slowing down your metabolism. In order to lose weight and keep it off in a healthy manner, it starts with regulating and understanding your hormones.

After years of seeing patients frustrated and tired from wasting their time and money on commercialized weight loss programs that just didn’t work, Dr. Moricz created an 8-week program in order to educate each patient to accomplish healthy and sustainable weight loss. What Dr. Moricz noticed is that 70-80% of the patients who stuck with the program saw a significant amount of weight loss.

Weight Loss Program

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